A Guide to Incorporating Social Media in your Classroom

Social media possible

It’s that time of year when instructors are trying to incorporate new tools to their teaching with the hopes of becoming more effective educators. Here is a guide for those interested in using social media in their classroom or for educational purposes. In “Incorporating Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in Economics Classrooms” published in the Journal of Economics Education, Darshak Patel and I provide some tips and examples of assignments you can use to engage your students.


Social media is one of the most current and dynamic developments in education. In general, the field of economics has lagged behind other disciplines in incorporating technologies in the classroom. In this article, the authors provide a guide for economics educators on how to incorporate Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook inside and outside of the classroom. The authors’ aims are to discuss the potential benefits of social media for economics curricula, explain how to effectively use social media, and reduce some of the concerns associated with implementing new technology.

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