“Who Knew Economics Could Be So Much Fun?”

During his fall 2016 convocation speech, President Geoffrey Mearns gave Econ Beats a shout-out! I wasn’t prepared to hear my name; I was caught off guard. President Mearns applauded the innovative project and the transdisciplinary nature of the assignment. Thank you President Mearns for the recognition.


While he mentioned me by name, I want to make sure that I highlight my colleague Brad Libis from EMB. He shares the same enthusiasm for the project and his students are great partners. The video quality and production is enhanced by their participation. Thanks to Sara Drabik and John Gibson for being as excited about the collaboration and for connecting me with Brad.


Also a special thanks to Centsai for sponsoring the event and sharing the belief that education through story telling can be powerful. Visit their website to see how they use storytelling to teach us about personal finance.

Want to learn more about Econ Beats check out the Econ Beats tab. All previous video submissions are included.


Please join us December 7th from 5-7pm at Griffin Hall for the Fall 2016 screening of Econ Beats. #EconBeats


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