Tell Your Story

I usually have a yearly theme surrounding my teaching, research, or services. It helps me stay focused, a mission if you will.

This year’s goal is to have my students, specifically TheGoldShirt and Norse Economics Club students, learn to tell their story.

I learned the importance of telling your story from a student I taught at UK. I was a TA and he was a freshman at the time. I learned a lot for the mentorship relationship we developed. His philosophy is “Never stop writing your story”. Chi Omenyinma Thanks for the lesson and good luck at UVA this year. Keep on writing.


If you are around NKU, John Hill will be on campus to talk about “Building Your Personal Brand”. September 8th at 5pm. Who’s attending with me? #excited #TellYourStory #NeverStopWritingYourStory

John Hill Building Your Personal Brand

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