Fit In The City

We probably hate to admit it, but the truth is that our finances have a lot to do with our health. Or is it that our health has a lot to do with our finances? I’m not sure which way it goes, what I do know is that we need to invest […]

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Art of Econ- New Paper in JEFE

Art of Econ

Are you interested in adding some art to your economics class? Do you teach in the K-12 environment and are looking for some classroom projects to engage students? Whatever it is, check out ART of ECON for some great #teachecon ideas! Enjoyed writing this paper with Jadrian Wooten, Darshak Patel, and Kim […]

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Teach Unemployment Using Econ Beats


Are you teaching unemployment types soon? I start my lecture on unemployment today. Teaching types of unemployment can get dry and, at times, feels like you are searching for stories to match the definitions of frictional, structural or cyclical unemployment. I applaud you for trying to bring economics to life. If you […]

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Tell Your Story

I usually have a yearly theme surrounding my teaching, research, or services. It helps me stay focused, a mission if you will. This year’s goal is to have my students, specifically TheGoldShirt and Norse Economics Club students, learn to tell their story. I learned the importance of telling your story […]

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Ryan Lochte is currently in a little hot water with the Brazilian police. He is accused of fabricating a robbery story. He has recently apologized for the fib he told. If you are interested in the economics behind lying, there is a great documentary on Netflix called “(Dis) Honesty: The […]

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Hip-Hop Econ

I grew up in the 90’s, when music was more than a hot beat and catchy hook. Music was an expression and often communicated social and economic issues. I remember walking down the hallways of my high school carrying my Walkman and a bag pack filled with tapes.  Artist like […]

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